Resolve personal and complex issues in private, outside the courtroom environment.
Compared to litigation, mediation saves considerable time and money.
Helping Couples Resolve Separation and Divorce Issues Affordably Since 1994.
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Mediation is a valuable tool for resolving child custody, visitation, and many other issues. When compared to litigation, mediation saves the both parties considerable time and money.


We provide full service divorce support for a fraction of the cost of hiring a divorce attorney.


We help reduce conflict with a wide variety of issues that typically arise during separation or divorce.


Our family mediators help couples streamline the divorce process from beginning to end.


Conflict Free Divorce family mediation provides affordable and efficient solutions that assist couples in resolving issues that arise during separation and/or divorce.


Louisiana Divorce Law on Reconciliation

Louisiana Divorce Law on Reconciliation Louisiana law on reconciliation as it affects a 102 or 103 divorce can be found in Article 104 of the Louisiana Civil Code. That article states: La. C. C. Art. 104. Reconciliation The cause of action for divorce is extinguished by the reconciliation of the parties. As you may...

Mediating High Conflict Domestic Relations Cases

By Bobby Marzine Harges 60 La. Bar Journal  212 (October/November 2012) The way I used to love you Baby that’s the way I hate you now —Blues Great, B.B. King [Although the vast majority of the cases that we mediate are here at Conflict Free Divorce are “conflict free,” we occasionally mediate cases that...